My Little Waiting Room Fall Update (2010)

Dear Friends:

Happy fall! We have a few exciting updates to share with you:

1. My Little Waiting Room has served 2,000 appointments! In just six months since our opening on April 5, we met this major milestone. Visit to read heartwarming comments from our trailblazing first families. One mom sums up her experience by saying, "Thank you for allowing me to take care of my son while you take care of my daughter."

2. We've raised nearly $99,000. Wow! Special thanks go to the following organizations that made donations recently: Ikea (again!) Walmart, Hitachi, Providence Health System Federal Credit Union (again!), Celebration of the Creche for Children and Providence St. Vincent Employees (again!). And thanks to all of you friends and family members for your generosity! Visit to read details about the service and/or donate.

3. Light a Fire. We are a finalist for Portland Monthly magazine's Light a Fire award called, "Purely for the Love." We'll find out on Oct. 27 if we've won. Thanks to friends Shawn Jones and Erika Simms for getting us nominated!

4. It's official. Thanks to our pro-bono intellectual property attorney Chris Erickson at Tonkon Torp, MY LITTLE WAITING ROOM® is now a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

5. Do You Tube? We tube. See inside our first location on Tony Martinez' Better TV story on our new YouTube channel. Visit us there at and hear one family's heartwarming story.

As always, thank you for your good wishes and support!

Amy & Melissa, Co-founders
My Little Waiting Room