Who We Are

MY LITTLE WAITING ROOM™ is a non-profit started by a couple of Portland moms who have the dream to bring drop-in child care to the hospital.

Our mission is to promote the health and well-being of families by bringing drop-in child care to the hospital according to the My Little Waiting Room Child's Bill of Rights:

1. As a child, I deserve competent care while my family member seeks medical attention.
2. As a child, I have the right to keep learning and growing socially, emotionally and intellectually while my family members take care of their health.
3. As a child, I deserve help managing the stress caused in my life by my family's medical situation.
4. As a child, I need sanctuary and a place to call my own where I can seek peace, friendship and security while my family members are treated medically.

The idea was born out of Amy's experience (please see details below) and is about to become a reality in early 2009. We look forward to sharing the exciting details soon. If you have questions, please contact us at info@mylittlewaitingroom.org.

NW Kids magazine 11.08

My Little Waiting Room, Jessica Davis, editor
Portland mother Amy Paterson was just 34 with a three year old, and battling cancer. She faced 144 medical appointments last year alone, meaning she had to arrange child care 144 times before she could begin to heal.

This ordeal prompted her to join forces with Melissa Moore to create My Little Waiting Room, a project dedicated to creating low-cost, on-site, clean and safe child care in medical facilities. The lack of such childcare is surprising; after all, you can find it at Fred Meyer, many gyms, and Ikea!

My Little Waiting Room is just getting off the ground and is searching for the serious funding needed to make this a reality. Things look promising thus far — Amy has just been named one of eight “2008 Pink Power Moms” in the nation by toymaker Bright Starts. She is one of seven women across the country “who has displayed amazing strength as a breast cancer survivor, fighting for a cure.” As part of this award, Kids II Foundation and Bright Starts will donate $1,000 to help open the first My Little Waiting Room to help mothers make — and keep — their important medical appointments.