Who We Are

MY LITTLE WAITING ROOM™ is a non-profit started by a couple of Portland moms who have the dream to bring drop-in child care to the hospital.

Our mission is to promote the health and well-being of families by bringing drop-in child care to the hospital according to the My Little Waiting Room Child's Bill of Rights:

1. As a child, I deserve competent care while my family member seeks medical attention.
2. As a child, I have the right to keep learning and growing socially, emotionally and intellectually while my family members take care of their health.
3. As a child, I deserve help managing the stress caused in my life by my family's medical situation.
4. As a child, I need sanctuary and a place to call my own where I can seek peace, friendship and security while my family members are treated medically.

The idea was born out of Amy's experience (please see details below) and is about to become a reality in early 2009. We look forward to sharing the exciting details soon. If you have questions, please contact us at info@mylittlewaitingroom.org.